made up of…fail- i mean, fur. =3

seems that some kind owner found a new talent for their cat!

okay, back to work! Gotta sleep early for today! T_T;;

AND HELL YEAH! Nodame Cantabile is having their anime sequel which is gonna start real soon(i suppose a few months of waiting wouldnt really hurt! =x)


currently also watching the drama of it…..probably I had already watched the anime, but it feels kinda meh. (mind you, I’m not saying it’s not good..but it’s kind of boring like you’re watching the second time =/)

and yes, OMIYAGE TIME.

pardon for my bad japanese but from my own *cough*context, omiyage means gifts…no? At this point of time, the lazy me is kinda well…lazy to search for the meaning, ANYWAYS.

i present…the Orange Rangers err..Samurai-s to be exact

it was a total lulz when the samurai is screaming “I CONTINUE TO FIGGGGGGGGGGHT” i mean…nice work on the synchronization but samurai shouting in English holds the same essence as compared to Jade Emperor’s speaking English.


erm lol. *had to get that out of my chest somehow*

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