Indeed, Time doesnt wait.

to da jie: Well, i guess the photo shoot thing had to be shifted to a further date, since the fact that my room is in a total disaster of mess that I cant even walk much to save myself, let alone searching the dreaded cable which i cant really seems to find it(for i just did that just now ._.)

with that done, let’s do some recent blogging, eh?

haha, today is such a bore, and the ushering today was kinda lol.

Was rather distant away from both the playing of P3 and the World Ends With You, I blame the frequent exhaust hitting on recently, I have no idea why is that so. Guess age must be catching up.

Speaking of P3, im planning of doing a mini review out of it(though I had yet to complete it). The manual is total beauty to behold. The artwork of it(though little T_T) is simply gorgeous beyond words, and haha. I actually named the Main Character as “Hikari Moto” No particular meaning to it, but the word “hikari” came up to me cause the video played at the beginning of the game gave me a dark feeling, so I decided to counter this feeling with more “light”, sounds rather silly i know.

Man, love her persona, have she never “awoken”, imagine the disaster. T__T

and I too am interested in grabbing the OST of it, the music is so addictive I kid you not, especially the opening theme, gawd. I fell in love with it when I first heard that song ‘ w ‘

and i realised a great similarity between P3 and the World Ends with You, for one, the main lead have headphones on them, two is that both games are mentioning that “Time doesnt wait”. or somewhere between the lines…interesting huh? haha

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