Such pleasant intervals are gladly appreciated

tried and yet fail to be a bookworm.

Went to the library soon after school, actually the purpose is to borrow some books and strengthen my English as i do know it’s currently struck in the rut since the fact i had not been reading a decent book for like…a year?

and before i knew it, I was around the teenager’s section and happily grabbed down one of L.J Smith’s book, I’m fascinated by how the way she writes those fantastic scenes in though a fiction novel, it’s as if it’s in reality.

i went around taking a look at the other books when something just caught my eye, the stretch full of Suzumiya Haruhi’s novels, now not that i wish to sound weeaboo, but it came to my attention that i had left volume 3 unread and it’s now left to collect layers and layers of dust for at least a year for now(sad tale for a book!) and while i heard that the novel itself was nice, thus i grabbed one and sat down and take a good look at it.

and that’s it, soon I was swallowed into a world that only consists me along with constant Kyon’s sarcasms and captivated by the moe-ness given out by the silent queen Nagato, rejecting the calls of reality, i was in the world of myself.

It was real fun though, despite time is short spent reading the novel. It just seems I hardly read a book and that i totally missed those times when we are required to read storybooks during morning assembly(and it’s absurd that sec 4s are required to read National Geographic only, FACE MY WRATH! HERH! /angst)

well, all these are but memories, “now” is yet the thing to hold on instead.

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