and thus, teh piggybank broke once again.

and when i do know the irony the fact that I’m posting a spendthrift(read : about to) post and while my previous post has something to do with the deadly earthquake, but i couldnt resist making a extravagant spending once again on figurines and not forgetting cospa t-shirt.

As I think i did remember myself saying before, i said to put an end on my figurine spending and instead focus on just manga and manga artbooks instead. It was the recent email that i received from La Tendo that pushed myself committing this expensive sin once again.

Next buying(read: *cough* not impulse buying!) : My next guilty pleasure to the eyes, Eve from To-love-ru!

Ain’t she a cutie?
and the fact that she’s sitting on a platform would mean that I wouldnt be having a headache about her getting the “leaning disease”!

*cough* it seems that she is given another name in To-love-ru but heck the name differences, she will always be my beloved Eve-chan! 😀 and the great love for Eve, she is a totally a MUST BUY.

as for the cospa t-shirt(which i have been intending to get myself another one moons ago), I’m having a difficulty to choose between Black Lagoon’s design and NGE’s design. Particularly between design H, I and L.

and while I dont really wear manly things for me(my gar level is just too low ; w 😉 design I is the first to go out of the decision scale. That left with design H and L.

…which is kinda hard to choose, I totally love the design of having Roberta holding on her trusty gun at the back of the shirt, it just simply scream full of awesome-ness! As for design L, the words on it are also a way of awesome too! so hard to choose! x_x;;

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