Thoughts about Taiwan’s take on Honey and Clover

and alas, 25th flew past me and I didnt realize until now. D:

Anyways, I just caught the first episode of it, and what can i say….

the beginning came off very weak for some reasons, I think the cause of it is not of any fault of the actor or actress, the problem lies with the location. Something just goes real weird when H & C has that Taiwan kind of feel, maybe it’s just me getting accustomed with original storyline, the manga that is.

firstly, the OP. I didnt really mentioned it before here, but i watched the whole opening theme video, which was released at their official blog earlier on. It didnt came to me that this video is the supposed OP for the drama until now. I was thinking what’s with the cast going off singing in a visual kei format? It’s like so…erm. meh. It’s only now till I realize Zheng Yuanchang cant really sing to save himself, srsly. (hold your reins, rabid Yuanchang fangirls! but that’s of my own opinion =x)

okay, probably that song might get to me somehow or another. Now, moving on. Episode 1. School reopens and it started off with Takemoto(安 竹本 in the drama) waking the seems-dead Morita(sticking on the same with the manga, 任 森田 in the drama) while Mayama(登 真山 in the drama) further aided him to wake the dead man up with Morita’s favourite drink, yet the duo still failed in the attempt in waking the already been staying in the school for 5 years and couldnt get to graduate due the fact his attendance wasnt met up with the requirements Morita.

And when Mayama decided to give up and leave for school, he went off and leave Takemoto to wake up Morita and left him with a badly made scooter, telling him to go to school with the scooter should he find himself running late. Getting late, Takemoto left reluctantly and told Morita that he shouldnt fault himself and pay another year of school fees for this. Upon hearing the word “school fees”, Morita woke up as if thunder struck him and he all went hyped up and sprung onto the crying Takemoto’s scooter and took flight to school immediately.

from this point, it kinda followed the storyline faithfully, but the “NO MORE 留学!!” lacks omph but it’s rather hilarious.

The rest was then substituted by taiwan’s drama writer, which…i cant really pinpoint whether should i continue watching this series.

meh. so saddened. I must have put my hopes too high for this series i guess.


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