*flops dead*
since im rather bored*screw C# revision! D:* i decided to write what i was tagged for.

1)Do you like your present school?
TOTALLY, without doubt. At the least with lesser faggots to handle, I’m more than glad. 0705 is still da best, LOL!!

2)Who is the person you trust the most?
Didn’t you know that? I used to confine to my little bear and when I meet with with those dread people, i poke the poor bears with pins and thumbtacks! NOT, just kidding. To say the person whom i trust the most sounds rather impossible…i mean..how is it possible that you can only trust one person?! I trust my family the most, that goes without saying of course! When outside, of course buddies la! aint it? *winks*

3)Do you hate your friends sometimes?
Why, hard question to tackle huh? Hate is a very harsh word to use. To some extent, yea I do really dislike my friends(but it fizzles out real fast though, that i dont even have time to express my upset. hahas) at times when they really do things that pretty much annoy me. so yea.

4)Are you afraid of Death?
Well, both yes and no. the reason as to yes, well….most people are always afraid of something that is not known to them, thus they developed fear. Same analogy.
Why no? Every beginning has their own ending, what must come always will come. Something that I learned from P3.

5)Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after it rains?
Oh well, I have not given much thought on that. Heck, if i ever want to see a rainbow, all i had to do is to make one, isn’t it? Better to have to wait for a downpour to see a rainbow, saves time.

6)Do you believe in eternity love?
In dramas, we were being influenced to think that that love is eternal. Blame them for that. Busted for me.

7)Have you ever broken someone’s heart that he wants to commit suicide?
That person must be real idiot if he/she does that. Why even bother to die over me? Nutcase. Tsk tsk.

8)What do you like doing the most?
Yet another dumb question. sigh. Why cant you let me have the best of two worlds?! D:
by default, watching animes and dramas(dun get me started on H&C taiwan drama, I’M TEH ANGRY.) likes to draw when I’m bored.

9)What’s your most spoken language?
I talk Singlish all the time. DO YOU LIKEZ SINGLISH AR? Yea, that’s what i usually talk, a combination of Chinese, English, dialect, some Japanese. LOL

10)Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
Let’s just put it this way, when something is lost, will you then learn to cherish. That’s human nature to me i guess? So what when you know you should cherish? How do you even know you are cherishing one right now? I guess, it’s hard to come up with an appropriate answer to my dumb questions.

11)[gosh, aint this quiz long D:]Who would you be spending the rest of your life with?
MEH, how many times you want me to repeat?!? @#$@%
errr…..my Figma/MaxFactory Haruhi, perhaps? (the eternal things i can cling on to XD)

12)Who do you hope to be always there with you?
You think humans have super powers is it? It’s as if having some dog to be your beck and call, can? Err…Figma Haruhi, I choose you! My lucky charm~ >D

13)Do you find life meaningless?
If it is, then so be it. Meaningless momentum also have their perks at times, you know.

14)What’s my hobby?
Being a stalker(oh noez i haz been exposed!) *coughs* I mean, taking photographs aside from watching animus and drawing!

15)What is your goal for this year?
My my, at least let me score a decent 3 for my GPA, pretty please?

16)Who knows you the most?
How would I know? Do you know me? O_O;;

lazy to tag, if you wanna do the quiz, then just take bah.

signing out!~

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