Doll photoshoot

let’s get it all dealt with, since i still have the time. It’s just hard to get these type of semi-free days. I totally missed playing long hours with my ps2, i blame the harshness of reality. *sigh*

anyways, let’s get on with the photo shoot.

The layout of the photo shoot, in it you have the reflector board at the back(it’s damn huge), some technical equipments for photography is there as well, man, i too also learned something called the strobe, it’s some kind of device that gives off flash, pretty much like those found within compact cameras just that it is larger and able to attach on a normal dslr(aside from the sony ones, i was told). There’s also another cool equipment which i cant really recall what’s that called, together with another technical equipment(the one at the left) as long as there’s another device that is capable of giving out flash, it senses the flash and can trigger both flash from the 2 equipments! It’s only downside is that any unknowingly party trigger their camera’s flash function, these 2 flashes too, which kinda hurt the eyes should you look directly at them x_x

stranded at the corner, looked kinda emo huh?

i have to admit, her eyes are so gorgeous! O w O and yes direct flash shot is indeed ugly D:

couldnt resist to take a close up shot on the small shoes 😀

I was so wanting to focus onto the small camera, but it’s just too small to get focused!

Another full-body shot!

and oh, i just forgot, this young lady has a name, name is called E-in. KAWAII DAROU? *demands massive head nodding*


out comes with a new outfit accompanied with a pair of bunny ears. MOE DA!!!! *drools*

aint she a cutie to behold? O w O

“LOL. This jie jie got some evil designs on me!”

“What should i have for dinner?”

A head shot!

the guys with the “big guns”

Introducing the next model, Shou. SO KAWAII DESUUUUU! * w *

This is what happens when all flash are triggered, cool eh?

*Deep in thoughts*

Camera used : Casio EX-Z9
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