The desire to read manga had finally been revived

…..after a painfully depart of $39, that is.

And I have a hard time to choose the manga that I really want since I have a tight budget to follow for this whole month, will be envisioning me passing day with bread and plain water in the days to come. ; w ;

and i present phat loot of teh day(Haruhi and Saber each sold separately)! 😀

being a impatient person, I usually read my newly brought mangas after the instant im done with my purchase. So i tore open its plastic hell and read all the way to the mrt station, stop a while so as to keep track of the mrt’s arrival time, then dive head into reading again.

and zomg. Future Diary is bloody awesome, literally! The twists and turn just really intrigued me and that oh man, really drive one for lust of blood. Interesting enough, bloody as it is, there aint annoying yellow stickers(wouldnt it attract more people to buy? LOL) on the manga and when Tsukihime has them! Just dont make sense, can? -_- not that it made a difference to me though. =x AND THAT NEW CHARACTER IS SO HANDSOME CAN? !* w *

and lol, i kept having the impression that I own Tsubasa volume 21, in actual fact, I dont. How weird is that? D:

I suspect someone is Tongli is a devotee of Emura-sensei and that every titles she published, you bound to have a translated version of it from Tongli. If there is…..THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FOR I LOVE EMURA-SENSEI’S WORKS A LOT TOO!!! m[_ _]m
It will be better if you publish WJ II at the same time, it will make a total win, surely. =3

bought Otaku no musume(translated version though, too weak in Japanese to read manga), man. I really loved this manga to pieces!(although it just reminds me of Konata and her dad. LOL)

and geez, just what is becoming to Akihabara these days? I mean, dressing the KFC’s mascot in meido wear is rather acceptable(in general view), trap cosplayers can be fine at times too, FAIL for Ms Wide Open(`nuff said), and now? Crazy killing spree resulting in 12 stabbed and within them, 6 deaths? Why implicate others in dragging them to the Hell of Gates and when they are innocent at that too? Madness. Pure madness.

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