Long yet fruitful day

as a matter of fact, I just woke up during to the sheer fatigue suffered from the long journey.

expect the unexpected, i must say.

but hey, no hard feelings, alright? although I myself didnt really expect the 1 hour 30 odd minutes worth of journey on foot from HortPark to Vivocity. (just in case you do not know, HortPark resides near Alexander Park, it’s near I know, but the journey is real long and all i can do is to hold on to dajie’s umbrella to block the strong sunlight before i get heatstroke -_-)

imagine waking up around 6.30am(oh it’s back to secondary school days again. LOL) and on an empty stomach, you went snapping pictures of various interesting objects(hortpark is indeed a cool place to be with, thumbs up for the cca community! =D) and you can only start eating only around 1plus. It’s a total torture for me, and i have a real nasty temper if i dont have some food intake plus the fact that i slept real little, so sorry if i were to snap at you or went stubborn for some period of time, dajie! m(_ _)m

shall update the post after much later on, too much cool pictures to share with and I do urge any one in Singapore to give HortPark a visit. It’s better than your Botanic Gardens yo!~ hahahas

ps: ZOMG, iphone’s prices is dropping at a real steady rate, i guess dad now must be tempted to own one once singtel finally had iphones on sale in here. I’m not much of a phone person, but i heard much bad reviews about iphone being a piece of metal crap, but hey. It’s good to eye-candy-fied yourself at times. LOL!

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