It’s the HortPark…da yo!

haha, realised i took quite a lot of sharp and pretty much useless pictures during the trip. but since the fact I’m not a professional photographer and that I’m just a noob beginning to start on photography, so it’s not much of a problem, heh.

do note that some of the photos are of awkward positions as i was being soaked under the strong sunlight, i can hardly open my eyes wide enough, and plus it’s glaring back at me when i wanted to view the photos, thus i didnt really know what i was taking after all and the battery died on me halfway through the trip. -_-;

the weather is a tad too passionate with radiant sunlight but the sky itself, a gorgeous beauty. It’s filled with thick layer of light blue plus fluffy cotton-like clouds hovering the sky, it’s quite an impressive scene to behold actually. ^^

you have plants hanging on the walls….o_o

The president(the guy in black holding the cam) instructing members to take a group shot before separating into smaller groups to take photos

the statue and the beautiful sky * w *

allow me recap, this is the so called low depth of feel, aint it?XD

a mini shrine-like tower
i liked how this picture turns out.

More to come…do check out the flickr once i think im done with the uploading(internet connection is getting snail speed nowadays -_- to the fact I’m kinda fed up. `nuff said.)

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