The world is just too small.

….too small that I didnt really realised that.

was being pushed in doing the cashier for the day. Like all cashiers, the only concern is the shortage of money, which i will mention that later on.

actually, i didnt realised i was serving my ex-vice principal at all. I mean, yea, he does looked familiar but just how are the odds that he’s the person who i thought he’s the vice principal?! I first thought that it might be just a coincidence, after all it’s been a long time since I last seen him and that i might cause a misunderstanding if i were to ask him, talk about embarrassment. It was only until he wanted the bill then I realised his name(through the invoice) just kinda strike up my memory a little but i just couldnt help but to maintain an amount of doubt in identifying the correct person.

oh whatever, not that he’s someone who I’m excited to see hahaha… yea, kinda interesting huh…I nearly wanted to ask but just a little scared to approach him.

and then, here comes the scary part, the shortage. Well, actually the problem often hunts me when I’m doing a new area, was rather upset about it but luckily for me, nora and lionel are around(man, no amount of thanks is enough to show how grateful am i) if not, im supposed to be prepared to see a large cut from my salary. o_o

this is all bout a random post, an excuse for procrastination. now if you excuse me, I’m heading for a shower NAO. tralalalalala~

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