it’s Awesomeness talking yo!

you iz calling me?

“There’s no charge for awesomeness….or attractiveness” I quoted, from the show Kungfu Panda.

Damn, this show is so good, PLEASE WATCH IT AT THE CINEMAS, or Wall E is gonna zap you to death for obtaining pirated data(inner joke)

unmistakably one of the movies I have seen for some time despite having a cliche plot just that the protagonist has changed into a fat panda who reached enlightenment within a day and became the hero at the end of the story.

Jabs of humor can be found just anywhere, the fighting scenes can get you glued on the screen(i loved the chopsticks fight for some reason :D), the animation of it is just amazingly great! The details of everything, ranging from fur to slow motion showcasing the exaggerating faces of being pwned so hard is just awesomely good, toilet breaks is not an option for you in regards of this movie!(but my friend who watched with me did…hmm)

and yea, the pure mention of Wugui in the movie just gives me the giggles. LOL

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