Nijuu mensou no musume

Listen, observe and think by yourself. It’s the fastest way to get to a solution.

ehh, no. This is not an incest pair you are seeing.

Might not be that convincing the fact that i say this anime is good, but it’s really awesome upon finally starting to watch this series.

Left this anime on my to-watch list ever since I knew Aya-chan is seiyuu of Chiko.(Hirano Aya is love desu~ * w *) left unwatched since episode 4 and now, I finally watched till the recent episode 7 in one go(the cliffhangers left at the end of each episode made me impossible to not to catch the next episode)

and when i wont go as far as doing an anime review(the fact that I’m drowsy after my shower and my eyelids are getting heavier words after i type) but from ever since small, I’m fascinated by those wise thieves who usually outsmart those dumb detectives and get their way for their targeted jewels and escape in a very exaggerated manner(like blowing off the rooftop or something) which will only happened in 2D since the fact that you cant really pull all these LOLWUTZ stunts in real life.(for more information, check out the mythbusters show about the beating the laser security system /ends advertisement)

thus the reason why I’m obsessed with detective genre stuff and Nijuu just falls right under this bag. You got the stunts, you got the charming female lead and a dorky phantom thief and his gang. It just meets what I always wanted to watch after d.n angel and clamp detectives(realised are all those very old titles, but heck :D)

and the fact that Aya-chan’s voice really suited the character and that the characters development in the anime are equally good and very interesting, I too also loved the way how the story line turn with those unexpected twists, sweet.

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