New Love

here’s an emo Kaito for those emo fangirls. LOL

and indeed, like as stated in the lyrics of “Rainbow Girl” had stated, I have just found a new love.

Namely, Kaito from the Vocaloid Series!

It didnt really struck me in the first impression, but it was only after the streetfest’s vocaloid group(which i mentioned posts ago) the more i looked at the Kaito cosplayer, the more I find Kaito a very cute character.

He seems to have a thing for ice-cream and if I’m not wrong, like any other vocaloid characters(Miku’s obviously is the leek, followed by Rin’s orange and Len’s banana, im not too sure about Meiko’s though) the ice-cream got to be Kaito’s icon.

I’m not too sure bout this, however Kaito doesnt really seems to be the official character coming out of the vocaloid series, but nonetheless, he’s still a cool character that has a great voice and could sing too! One of my Kaito’s favourites happened to be 白虎野の娘, Paprika ending theme song, it almost sounds identical compared to the original song!

another would be erase or zero sung by both Kaito and Len. IT’S THAT AWESOME I TELL YOU!!!!ONEEE!1111!!!1

They really can sing well despite being programs, lots of effort have also been put in to not only make the character to sing, but make them sounds like they are singing, that’s so awesome the vocaloid programe brings. Sadly, i had yet have the chance to play with the program, so probably the thing i can do is to watch those already-made videos and enjoy them at the same timeand ripping them into mp3s and store into my handphone. XD

here’s some of Kaito-related pictures that I found them in different imageboards :

LOL @ “Just As Planned”

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