LOL, you mean i can haz Horie Yui in my P4?

old news, but meh. Later is better than nothing right?

been catching up with Persona 4 news, though not much have been known but the hype of reading that it’s coming out soon(it’s coming out in Japan at July 10th!) just made me go buoyant with joy.

looks like they are throwing away the Evoker method and decided to change into using spectecles instead. YES, you didnt hear me wrong, they are using specs to garner their personas. Specs fetish people, you guys are so in luck, indeed, since the fact that the spectacles is gonna be a big factor in the game.

the grey-haired main character in question.

And the main character…..meh. How do i put it…He just looked…too…normal. D: At least P3’s main character has certain good looking to speak of…but this time round….just plain normal. =/

as for gameplay, so far so good. In fact I do think it’s better than P3 judging from the advertisments and some introductions mentioned in serveral magazines(although its all moonspeak to me) and woah, you can even catch a fish in the game! It seems that they have also replaced the moon phase with the weather system. And that if it has foggy weather, it means there’s a murder going, as opposed to having a strong shadow appearing in p3.

anyways, a little check-up on wiki and it seems that unlike other megami tensei games that are based on city background, P4 is set on a much more ficitonal countryside. Kinda interesting if you were to ask me, because I’m in favour of both. Either goes for me actually. XD

and i quote from wiki :

Its theme is a suspenseful countryside murder mystery with multiple twists and turns in the plot.

sweet. Me like 😀

anyways, back to the tittle topic, it seems that Horie Yui, along with Kallen’s seiyuu(from Code Geass) will be voicing for 2 of the females that seems to be classmates with the main character.

That kinda propel me to buy the japanese version, but as eager i wish to play the game soon, but with the lack of moonspeak skills, I dont think i will enjoy a game where most of the time have to be spent in understanding what the rest are talking about. Guess I shall keep my eyes peeled for the English version of it…hope they come out soon enough. *prays hard*

check out the 17 min trailer here if you like, gives you more insight of P4 in it. and oh, the same music director is also doing p4 as well, so expect real good and probably retro-like music from the game itself. =)

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