Just as You Thought It Wouldn’t Came, Came : Shiroi Koibito~

Coincidentally, I was reading up some blogs which apparently their author came back from Japan not long ago. One of them was talking about the delicious and renowned White Lovers chocolates. Everyone who knows me well knew too well I’m just but another chocolate maniac, so you probably guessed I can only drool in envy while looking at those beautiful packaged yet must-have-been-heavenly subtle chocolates, wishing that the aroma can break through the computer screen or something like that to happen.

and lo and behold, today our personal mentor brought us back a stash of candies when she came back from Hokkaido which included wasabi nuts(that instant sharp gush of spice up till the nose is just indescribable of words, OISHII DESU!!  ^_^) and White Lovers Chocolates.


You bet that I was probably like some kid that just got their presents in Christmas! I was totally awe-ing all the way because I thought I could probably taste them when I get to Japan!(and god knows that’s when…pfftt.)


Pictures or it never happened. LOL.

I couldn’t even bear to tear open the package even though the urge of doing so is so strong to resist. I gave in, succumbed to my weakness in chocolates and ate the up the first pack of chocs. I WAS IN HEAVEN DESU~ That milky chocolate really hits the jackpot and although I don’t really like the sweetness in milk chocolates, this one just does fine. but hey, you know I’m biased. XD

Been wanting to eat the white pack though, but unfortunately my dear friend of mine forgot to take back my pencil box(which the chocs was in) and is now at the hands of my classmates. v_v;; Shall probably savour it when tomorrow comes…..hope it doesn’t melts….T_T

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