It takes skills to learn the arts of shunning, and oh. Happy birthday, sister.

Raigomaru and JibetaRaigomaru and Jibeta.

And so I did learn the skills of shunning when I’m at the zoo today, but I should say it’s a complete success, the fact not much people can recognize me since I let my hair down(read: purposely) as I usually had my hair tied up when working.

Anyways, I thought of going for the Suntec’s Singapore Toy and Comics Convention for today, but since it was my 3rd sister’s birthday(happy birthday to you if you are reading this! ) so as promised, the zoo we shall head.

CIMG8106hum num num~ Lovely otters sunbathing.CIMG8112 I wonder if this is the Omar I’m looking out for?CIMG8115 Did you spot a hippo here?CIMG8127 AND LOL. I realized I took more of elephant’s butts compared to the front views, what’s wrong with me?!CIMG8131 ….and yet another elephant’s butt shot.
CIMG8153 "and I can see you." *Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

It was rather fruitful day, just a pity my parents couldn’t get to see the other animals as my sisters are all, drenched in tiredness and complaining loud as well.

and oh, my camera decided to be good for the rest of the day(cause my photography skills wouldn’t level up, you see) and took rather clear shots despite it’s being zoomed.

Next up, I guess it’s the Coscon that is coming up for this coming Saturday and Sunday, wouldn’t say I am waiting for it(I’m just a closet person who only like to see good cosplayers, I guess)but let’s just say I’m going to meet friends that I haven’t been seeing for a long time over there. ^^

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