Blogger Ate My Words, oh. CosFest VII teaser


Found 2 Ema Skye lurking around. Was rather pleased to see them. ^_^

Trust me, I’m now dead tired, the fact that I just came back from a friend’s birthday bbq, but due to my over-anxiousness of todayyesterday’s shots would turned out, here I am conveniently writing up a teaser post and then write a proper one the next while checking the outcome.

TodayYesterday is just an awesome day, some kind of day that I have never imagined it will happen in any ways but yet came true! ^_^

plus yesterday’s cosplayers were rather good as there’s more diverse ones (so diverse that I can’t really recognize them x_x) shall talk about it the next round.

oh shit, have I ever mentioned I have a test later on? HOLY LULZ, me haven’t study that at all! *flops dead*


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