CosFest VII Day 2 : A slight hiccup, but generally an epic journey.

I had yet to mention it, but I actually lost my memory card in a bizarre manner. One time I was holding on to both me and my friend’s memory card, the next second my own memory card has lost its trace. It’s impossible for me to head home then since the event had yet to start and it’s more ridiculous to waste another hour back home for nothing.

So I had to spend(thank god it’s close O_O) another 10 minute walk back to the nearest shopping centre and get myself a memory card(which again, not very expensive as I thought it to be) and headed back to the event and kick start the photo-shooting of the new batch of cosplayers compared to Day 1.

I was wanting to snap a shot of this particular Shuffle! cosplayer(but due to my CMI memory, I just couldn’t pinpoint which character was she cosplaying as) as her uniform is so goregous. I kinda like Shuffle! uniform pattern and all, but hey, you know I’m biased. Anyways, in the end I failed to do so as I couldn’t spot her walking around outdoors. Ah wells =(


The Ema Skpe cosplayers are really a cute bunch of girls. Their entire cosplay really brings out the Ema Skpe’s character in 3D(makes me want to replay PW again. LOL!). Pity I only took 2 pictures of them -_-;


Name-the-character, LOL the flower on the top of the paper bag. Me thinks this cosplay is rather awesome. haha


Ichigo with Shinku and Gin-chan conversing at the back.


Lolitas, man, have to hand in to them for being able to wear all these laces and frills under the mighty hot sun! D:


Kimono + fans = WIN. Can’t imagine me wearing all these, I was already sweating bullets(probably cannonballs) even with my normal wear, they sure can ‘tahan’ the heat. O_O


One of my NYP friends, a very bold individual I must add ^_^


Awesome cosplay outfits, the first thing that got to my attention was the heavy circular spiky weapon(the guy in blue is wielding it) and I thought someone was cosplaying Aigis’ persona. O_O I do believe they come from Dynasty Warriors(do correct me if I’m wrong at this ^^;)


NyanNyan with Alto, so sweet! *which reminds me I need to watch Macross F*


Samurai Deeper Kyo’s gang. One of the anime/manga that I had yet to read/watch.


The Code Geass gang, the Suzaku is rather cute. ^^;


Yet another pair of lovely cosplayers, for some reason seeing them reminds me of Lovely Complex. ^^;


looking straight at the camera! Lol, you never knew how shocked I was when I realized that a lot of cosplayers were looking at my camera and I hardly knew about it. ^^;

CIMG8590 CIMG8591

This cosplayer requires special mention. He was sitting one side while me and my friend went to disturb his peace which in anyways, he still obligated to our photo taking request. Thanks a lot and sorry for disturbing you! LOL ^^;


Seriously, I’m suspecting I having a thing with butler’s wear. Just couldn’t resist taking a second look after taking this. ^^;


Neku and Mr Hanekoma from the World Ends with You! 😀 Personally, me thinks that the Mr Hanekoma cosplayer had a rather killer smile and he really suited to pull out such a good cosplay. GJ! >_ob


Name-the-character? Her props are stunning beautiful, dont you think so?


I really have no idea who are they cosplaying as, but their outfits are really drop-dead gorgeous! D:


No idea who they were, but loved their seifukuu. ^^;


I can’t really differentiate a yukata and a kimono, but then again, the cat is awfully cute!


Name-the-character? I heard he was the one of main characters in the FF series but not too sure the exact series ^^; great job on the cosplay and you got to love the details on the weapon itself!


Another shot with the sky, and do note the diabetic cute Haruhi is at the background. ^_^


"Let’s all perform an All-Out Attack!" The persona 3 cosplay team, ara ara? Where’s Elizabeth?


and thus the highlight of the day! This kid is so insanely cute, although I have no idea what she’s actually cosplaying as x_x


Your Kanda, being your personal bodyguard since 2000.


KITTTTTAAAA! LOL, I was over-hyper when I see this duo! I always loved the SZS despite the fact I had yet to be done watching finish the series. orz.



This duo really rocked the daylights out of me, they really even went down to the details whereby having the what I call the "suicide emergency suitcase" which came about in SZS season 1 which in the anime Noizomi was seen persuading a student to commit suicide in different ways from this suitcase. Thumbs up for the splendid cosplay done! >_o

That should conclude my journey for 2 fun-filled cosplay event. As I mentioned before, this is actually my first time experiencing such fun with my digital camera as opposed to having camera-less experience with the previous cosplay events. I would very much like to come next year(I swear I’m getting a better camera after leaving the cosfest event area) and take more pictures and also to better understand my camera(I know truly how my camera works indoors. LOL) There’s still an insane amount of pictures but they would probably be out at my flickr, so do view them if you like! =D

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