My flat’s 3rd floor is dangerous.


like….O RLY?

I mean really, strange things will always occured at the 3rd floor, once was a sex-derived maniac asking for sex to any females walking by(heard it from someone else, of course) I so wished I had kicked him in his balls but then again you know I’m a gentle lady and wouldn’t resorted to such unglam manner*coughs* and today a couple making out. = w =;;; Interesting enough, when I encounter all these weird things, it had always will be under the bright afternoons where people who have eyes can see. -__-;

pfft, cant you adults do your affection of love discreetly? It’s okay for I do not really want to know that you love your partner in such a manner. As for whether if the genders that were making out were the correct mix, I do not really have an idea about it.(I assumed that one’s a guy, the other a female since my glaze was way off them when walking down the stairs)

Aww, examinations are coming. D: This sucks. 

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