NewsFlash : Bringing you the latest anime news.


Maria, was it? Cute girl ^~^

Umineko no naku koro ni(yes, another 07th Expansion’s works :D) had finally has its anime adaption! As my moonspeak understanding level isn’t that high to understand what’s going on in the story, what I was aware is that it involves mystery elements and murder. No more oyashiro-sama but a real human(I think) is behind the murder which is what yours truly cup of tea lies.


Maid to kill(lovely pun, ain’t it?) Maids with guns(and umbrella being a machine gun) FTW!

AND FINALLY, MY PRAYERS HAZ BEEN ANSWERED. *Cues drum rolls*  Black Lagoon Season 3! I had always been wishing for season 3 since the ending of season 2 ends too abruptly. Moar Revy kick-ass actions are a do-want and not forgetting the Roberta-like new character, maids with guns just makes me go wobble on my knees. IT’S JUST TOO GAR! I’m just too naive to think that season 3 wouldn’t come and alas after 3 years, this wonderful news finally came. No news had yet to be made but knowing the news that BL has its 3rd season is more than I can ask for.

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