Persona 4 : This mysterious bear talks too much of bear talk.

LOL, seriously for everything it has to say, it had to end with a "kuma"(which means bear). It kinda irriates me as its voice seriously sounds like nails scratching on the board! For some reasons, it insisted the 2 guys in the video(the gray hair being the main character) as the murderers and after a lot of "no, me no murderer!11ONE", the kuma decided to believe they are innocent and decided to pass them the glasses so as they are able to see through the fog and could also see a new dimension, so as to seek for the real murderer. 


and oh, for those who are interested, Persona 4’s OST will be released on the July 23th. A must-get on my list, the opening theme(Pursuing My True self, btw) is enough to kill for! 😀

ps: added a countdown widget of North America’s P4, can’t help but to think that 140 + odd days will pass by real quickly….

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