My Deskstop’s Previous Life Must Have Been a Human


Computers being humans just reminds me of Chobits. Here’s some Kipi’s love!

You think I’m jesting, in actual fact even I myself find it hard to convince that my deskstop knows the works of recovery, probably its maker must have chant some magical recitals in it and lo and behold, it revived after several days despite being diagnosed with the well-known "blue screen of death". I was told that the files within the computer is corrupted, as my sisters forgotten to allow the windows updates to start or something, and thus my deskstop sleeps a few days before working like a charm just today.

Indeed I make no sense, but this isn’t the first time that happened. The previous time was even more horrendous as compared to this one(motherboard nearly went to meet its maker). I never knew computers has the power of "self-recovery"(some stupid theory I have conjured for the last 5 minutes) THEN AGAIN, I might be having a great steak of luck since now the deskstop is now fixed, no one comes and bothers me by using my laptop. So yea, win-win situation indeed.

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