Waves of Insomnia

Recently, I have been encountering the difficulty to sleep well and that even now listening orchestra music pieces wouldn’t have any effect of coaxing me to dreamland.

With that, I either re-play Phoenix Wright until my eyes gave in to the heavy weariness, or simply…switch on my head lights and start…drawing.

Trust me, you don’t really want to do all these if you so want to sleep. For one, I get addicted to solving the cases in PW that I kept telling myself "present this last evidence and I shall stop" which ended up playing for the next hour. Two, I got too absorbed in drawing that I can spent hours without knowing time flies(convenient excuse indeed)

here are some stuffs that I drew before I sleep XD.





I’m so happy when I drew this(although some parts aren’t drawn correctly) for this is the first time I drew a sitting character.

If your eyes are keen enough, you will notice some small blocks of text accompanying next to the drawings…the reason as to why it exists is because for every drawing I drew, I will sure bound leave the current feeling I was experiencing so that the next time when I re-view what I had drew, nostalgia will sure strike in a very wonderful feeling. I kinda liked that XD

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