lolwutz? did u just say it’s Summer Wonfes Exclusive?!

maa ii ka~ all i have to do is just to tell myself it’s a good thing that it didn’t actually burn my wallet in buying this diabetic piece of awesome cute plastic *consoles self*

but looking from Mika-tan’s burogu, Hatsune Nendoroid Winter Wonfes exclusive is just too cute to resist! *finger points finger* I would really drop it in my to-buy list if it aint exclusive at the first place!


*refrains from breaking a pool of tears*

and it comes along with a set of stickers with cute expression which you can use them to plaster on your faceless Hatsune Miku. Through Mika-tan’s blog, you see that there are varied ways to put those stickers into good use in beauti- i mean cute-ify your accessories among you. lol

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