Watching Anime at National Tv

Man, had it been ages since I last watched my animes at national tv. To hell with tv when you have the internet! *coughts* Anyways, I was switching over Art Central’s channel after done watching one of my variety shows, and realised that D.gray Man was airing, so decided to watch it just for the sheer fun of it although I just cant be bothered to watch it ever since episode 18. LOL

Anyways, I was surprised how fast the anime’s story went in compared as the manga(which I’m currently following) and as a fangirl, I’m so super pleased that my Kanda-sama is still kicking alive(still tsun as ever!), just knew it. In anime’s physics, main characters can never die.  wakakakaka!

baww, enough of my fangirl’s moment. It’s back to project. x_x;

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