Buffering period

Blushing Maya is always teh moe ;D

….thus the reason as to why that’s not much updates, that’s to say, there’s simply nothing to blog much about.
Exams are almost around the corner(2 weeks more, to be more precise) and after that is my wonderful almost 2 months worth holidays waiting for me to glomp. Of course, I’m not gonna slack and waste my precious holidays, I would have to work hard to earn my first pro-compact camera! 😀 it’s nothing much to be compared to those who aims to buy a dslr, for I think I’m just too noob to hold on such a wonderful instrument, albeit the fact that I should be able to afford a cheaper dslr(sony, anyone? *smiles*). I’m learning quite a lot from my casio digital camera, so I’m thinking I can do a little well more once I get used to the pro-compact, hopefully, the next target, which is in the years to come, to get a dslr once I believe I can handle them. hahas!

anyways, it’s quiz time!(hope Lingli doesnt mind that I took her quiz and decided to kill my own time instead ^^;)

Q: How many best friends you have?

Q: Which category they are from? (pri, sec, etc.)
A:you mean as to hazel nuts, almonds kind? I believe they kinda fit in the ‘nutcase’ catergory *runs for her own life*

Q: How long you have known them?
A: Long, longer than you think *smiles*

Q: How do you get to know them?
A: My neighbor’s squrriel smuggled the wrong area and stuffed it at my house’s celling. Foolish animals.

Q: Describe something about each of them.
A: Nuts? DDDD:

Q: Describe an unforgettable incident you and your best friend(s) had.
A:Unforgetable? gah, please. I can only remember the times we get together ^^;

Q: Describe what you are looking into when finding a best friend.
A: If this can work, I think the first thing to state is that they must be rich. pfft. Bascially is just you reap what you sow. That’s all.

What if your best friend(s)…

Q: Betrays/backstabs you?
A:Sorry, NEXT! but then again, for a person like me, what good use is that to backstab or betray me for? -_-;

Q: Doesn’t want to be with you anymore because he/she has made new group of friends?
this is what you called as a best friend? Sure wasted your time….NEXT!

Q: Steals your bf/gf?
A: of course, she gets the ‘School Days’ treatment. and trust a best friend to do that, YOU HAVE WASTED YOUR TIME AGAIN. how many times you want to waste time? Life is precious leh! NEXT!

Q: Lies to you?
A: As if no one ever tell lies, tsk tsk. Don’t be a hyprocrite. I tell lies too. hur hur.

Q: Avoids you when you are in trouble?
A: Aww….D: *dumps few lines of vuglarities* kthxbye. *grins*

Q: Choose his/her gf/bf instead of going out with you?
HAHA. Too bad lors, *wishes a faster breakup* NO LA. Life goes on anyways, as long it doesn’t affect me 😀

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