sketch of the week/month

yes, taken with my 2mp camera phone 😀

kaka. drew this for quite some time, and I hardly have the time(aka. I’m lazy ^^v) to scan it up, though that’s besides the point. hur hur. 

anyways, I’m quite pleased as I think that my drawing of hands are improving with each drawing and I still need to put some effort on my drawing of shoes(as you can see, still am very weak with them -_-)  
and i did tried my second attempt to paint. it turns out real fugly as expected. However, every obstacles you get to learn something…I learned the mixture of colors this time round. 
Shall continue to work hard and mug for the incoming examinations to come! 
ps: am in love with Safari’s user interface. Yet, I still find FF3 more useful than Safari’s after using for around 2 weeks? haha!
*ponders on what to write for the next post*
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