A Trip Down Memory Lane

Not really related, but meganeko Yuki FTW! ' w '/

Not really related, but meganeko Yuki FTW!

Went back to my secondary school since they are having the pre-Teacher’s Day celebration going on.

And I believe this is supposedly the last trip I’m going back to my own school since my art teacher is retiring this October. Talk about time. D: I definetly gonna miss the art room, and probably the distintive ‘arty’ smell that lingers among the art room. It’s as if the art room’s territory was ours to begin with. HAH

Afternoon was fully reserved for old friends’ gathering where you get to know the good the bad and the ugly through various ways. Nonetheless, it’s fun to get together time to time and we nearly blasted our poor stomaches with the sushi buffet. More like a raw salmon feast, if you ask me. 😀

and OH NOES, it seems that getting to Japan any soonner isn’t gonna be easy after some advice given by friends. ah wells. Perfect time to scrimp and save! (before i get a Canon PowerShot S5 IS, that is)

and tomorrow marks the starting of my hardworking tedious month. Let’s hope my spirits gets higher because I need to earn my moonies! XDDD

ps: had fun with the Canon EOS 40D, should be uploading some pictures soon. Gotta love the marco function. * 0 *

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