Am currently dependent on…

I'm raising 'OBJECTION' to my own contradictonary life too.

raising an objection towards my own contradictionary life

I never realised that I have reached the bottleneck of my life and that my rountine goes somewhat like this :

  • stay in a daze in front of the tee vee and found myself asleep after a few minutes when I get home from work(Ironic that I didn’t get to do much in work either, I couldn’t find a reason to explain my exhaust -_-)
  • Hit the laptop, surf those MUST SURF websites. RSS feeds FTW. LOL blogging is an optional choice because I’m running out things to write.
  • current anime list  :
  1. Macross Frontier(‘Lion’ is currently pwning my play list)
  2. Nijuu Mensou no Musume(probably gonna drop off this series)
  3. Tetsuwan Birdy Decode(the subs are slow, but who the hell am I to complain? so yea)
  4. Kino No Tabi(halted for unnknown reason…I must have been too lazy -_-)
  5. Myself, Yourself( struck with this series for some reasons as well)

And you realised that I have been watching animes from previous seasons, this is because I find current season’s anime are not much to my liking ^^;

  • and when the bed beckons, it’s moar Phoenix Wright time. I have lost count on how many times I have replayed the entire 4 installments. It’s getting addictive and challenging as I try to remember how I managed to solve each puzzle again. Refresher for the memory perhaps?

-_-ll and that’s how plain my life can get.

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