Slices of Life.

I’m much more in a frenzy now, being that I’m rather dizzy by the fatigue suffered from working consecutive number of days just in the bid of earning more monies and yet in a few minutes to come, the results for the end of my semester 1 will be announced in no time.

let’s just hope everything turned out fine. (read : Hope)

Realized I haven’t been blogging much for the few days since when I get back from work, either I will be spending time sleeping or playing Trauma Center DS(shall explain more on the next post) or finding myself staring blankly at the computer screen with no intention of doing anything.

Some technique that I have to learn somehow or what

drawing perspective : Some technique that I have to learn somehow or what

I decided to throw invest my money in buying a slr instead of the originally planned pro-compact camera. Reason being is that after scanning through the specs of the Canon Powershot S5 IS, one fatal shortcoming of this camera is that it doesnt have a charger which literally means I would have to purchase a new set of batteries each time the current battery dies out and that burns a huge amount of money in a long run. D: But of course, being a poor student, I can’t possibly afford a brand new spanking dslr since the fact it’s just way off my poor budget so I would have to resort to buying 2nd hand ones. hehe

so currently have my eyes on Nikon D70(which to my shock, Nikon(read: not all) 2nd hand ones are generally much more cheaper as compared to Canon’s but meh.) Since I’m much more inclined to figurine photography, a macro lens is essential. However, shall consider buying that after I get comfy with the kit lens. UGUU~ The excitement is coming all back again ‘ ~ ‘

ps: got my results already, thank goodness I didn’t have to re-take any of the modules! *wipes sweat* and da jie is coming back from her holidays pretty soon. Shall camp around her flickr when she comes back. kaha!

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