Am a happy person.*glomps*

Not related. but it's bishie Klavier in action * w *

Not related. but it's bishie Klavier in action * w *

Woke up early and went out with my colleagues. This is actually the first time I had a outing at such an early time and I unexpectedly came in just in time for the arranged time. Probably I have to give credit for myself for waking up at 5 am odd since the past month. D:

Since it was rather early(around 10 plus), not all the shops are really open, not that it does matter. haha. Had an omu rice with the breakfast, and venture around before heading to kinokuniya :DDDD I spent much lesser time there this time round for I had already had a list in my mind on what to buy once my payday arrived. Rac and wen knew me better than this. hur hur. XD

Pop over to HMV soon after that, I again spent lesser time in there as well, since I been there last week as well. I managed to find Hirano Aya’s Riot Girl on sale. Excited as I was, the said excitement soon went down once my eyes sat on the price….$79!? D: Sure is expensive eh? I could buy an Aigis figuri… I digressed 😀

And it seems like the Mythbusters DVDs that I’m looking out has been sold out…it was still there when I went there around last month. 😦

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