Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, I’m Sick

Nah, by no means am I refering to Namie Amuro’s song(currently am obsessed with her New Look’s MV *labu labu*)

tsk, am growing tired as day by day passed. Before I knew it, it’s bye bye September and hello October! time.

I’m truly glad October is coming since it means salary is coming soon and a fresh batch of anime will be released. I really couldn’t stomach this season’s anime(maybe am lazy) that I got struck with Macross Frontier(*mumbles of self :”Alto aint gonna die” x 100 times) and Birdy Decode. How boring can this be? D: school is also reopening in about 3 weeks time and the starting of my Japanese 3 module had made me into a crazy bunny hopping across the room already. LOL

Eve-chan doesn’t have any signs of arriving this month, but I’m awfully fine with this for I don’t really have monies left. DDD: I still am hesitating whether to buy a SLR or succumb to my desire of headphones and rush to the nearby electronics store to buy one to fulfil the fetish out of it. hur hur. Nikon D40 seems like a really good choice after reading plentiful reviews out of it, being cheap and noob-friendly kind of SLR. 😀

Let’s just see to the day when the salary comes. Aside from paying back debts and the blah(i brusted my phone bills, holy smokes x_x THE INTERNET IS A SCAM DESU!!) I doubt I have any much left, good thing I did save some amount of money during this period of time. Good thing to be prepared at times, huh? 😀

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