Yet, The World is Ever-changing

Sometimes, I ponder to myself : Does the word of ‘cherish’ really does exsist in the first place? If it does, why is it that people still regret to things they should have done before it’s too late?

Things that happened the week before last just totally changed my naive perspective I held for the surroundings around me. I began to lost trust to people around me, even those who are close. Don’t bother to ask me why for I can’t even give a rightful answer to why am I feeling this manner.

My dad once told me: “Your friend could be your enemy, vice versa” This is how the world goes, sometimes help comes from the unexpected person you would have ever expected. I have never realized how cruel can this world can get and how small am I, playing a part in this cold hard, unforgiven world. People simply take things for granted.

I’m getting paranoid again, but meh. How I wish I can just shut my eyes and close my ears and know nothing what’s lies beyond the outside world.

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