Something that I have learned from SO:TTEOT

Am still waiting for Sophia to come ^^;

Am still waiting for Sophia to come ^^;

…Star Ocean 3, I’m talking about.

Leaving nothing left to play(don’t talk to me about Bully anymore, only makes my blood boil :() for the 2 remaining weeks till school reopens, I started to replay(YES, THE WHOLE GAME *faints*) the game as my previous playing data actually crashed in front of my eyes and I swore I never touch it again.

but of course, it’s much more of a different story now that I own a much more stable*coughnotpiratedcough* copy of the game and the only obstacle was the language problem since the only running copy that I have happened to be the japanese version(and it’s cheaper, ALL HAIL CASH CONVERTER. HAHAHA *runs before get bricked*) yet, all these eventually are solved now that I also got possession of the trusty guidebook.

Here’s something that I have learned from the game itself.

  • As any typical RPG game goes, it’s damn damn important to SAVE before you go anywhere.

Apparently, I lack the habit of doing so and ended up re-trying the whole round just because I was lazy enough and overestimated that I might not go “Game Over” and did before I knew it. -_-b

  • Cliff’s Fists of Fury are LOVE.

Not only does it jacks up the gauge instantly, his hits are rapidly too. Each single hits packs a punch and rains about 20 odd hits on the enemy consecutively and defeats the enemies in no time. I used him all the time to fasten the pace of the battle. XDD

  • Albel is more than cool.

Actually, I think he sucks. (cool down, Albel fans. I’m a Albel fan too *winks*)
Probably prior to my poor upbringing*cries*, Abel seems to die real fast albeit not faster than Nel or Maria does, which doesn’t seems to be the problem when I was playing the same thing eons ago. D: I had to admit, I’m a bad gamer. LOL

Currently on the journey of slaying dragons in progress, I’m so damn useless when it comes to the flute playing because it seems that the outcome just doesnt comes out on what I really wanted. The agony. = w =

I’m still happy to announce that both Fayt and Cliff are leveling real fast as I fought like no tomorrow(more because of the incentives provided by the gauge XDD)

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