Things that I need to do later

1)EVE-CHAN HAS ARRIVED~ THE LOVE~ Gotta collect her from La Tendo later probably along with Figma Lucky Star twins (the OVA is awesome, especially when it comes to MNORPG segment. ALL HAIL TO HIRAGI MIKU! lol)

2)Shopping spree at Kinokuniya(pending)
I might go for a spree, but it’s dependent on my mood then. LOL. Who’s with me!? I bet no one wants to go a boring book-buying spree, huh?
Otaku are teh boring, I know….

3)Pay my bills and return my debts.

As you can see, buying a camera this month is busted through and through. Unless I can convince my dad somehow to buy one $700 odd camera for me in that audiohouse sale. BUT MEH. Fat hope, I guess. Yet, one can always dream~

then again, I’m still excited for the arrival of Eve-chan and the figma twins. Stay tuned for their reviews coming up! 😀


Apparently I’m working tomorrow…I mean later, yet I had yet to make my way to bed. The horror.

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