A little procrastination wouldn’t hurt, eh?

Phew, a day without the internet can be tough but sleep is the extermely important thing for at this point of time. I now sleep a fruitful and peaceful 8 hours of sleep, but it seems that I do not have the luxury to continue laxing around since school is gonna reopen…say…a week’s time?

anyways, I went to collect Eve-chan(Golden Darkness is her name apparently. but I still call her Eve-chan since she’s a character from Black Cat and made a guest appearance*i think* in to-love-ru which I seldom watch it anyways) and not forgetting the Figma twins. XDD The staffs at La Tendo were not only friendly but they looked real passionate in their job too. Man, if only I was assigned in doing all these. LOL!

has taken some photos on these 3, but due to the fact I’m on the verge to bed, a teaser photo shall do the trick. XD

and yes, Alpha Oemga's Eve box is real huge! O_O

Eve's box is real huge, eh?

Edit: LOL! Toradora is just a great cracker. JC staff is still up to their superb animation reputation I must add. I totally loved the part when Taiga misplaced her “empty” love letter to the wrong person and also found out who’s Ryuji secretly admirer was. Was feeling abit nostaglic when Rie-chan(Taiga’s seiyuu, better known as Shana’s seiyuu) uttered “URUSAI URUSAI!” and with a wooden katana at hand, it’s hard not to think back of Shana, ain’t it?
Watched Clannad~after story~ as well, damn, there’s just something with the ending background music. It just has the magic to turn the whole episode being touching and all. All in all, it’s still great to see the rest are back and it seems that there’s gonna be a huge climax right in store so shall keep my eyes peeled then. 😀

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