….Let me calm down for just a sec.

*breathes in*

Erm. Okay, few things :

  • Animation Nation ’08
  • Anime Festival Asia ’08 (*presses down excitment*)
  • Tora Dora and Skip Beat! to be shown at local TV’s Animania. (self-explainary)

Probably everyone and their grandma already knew what’s going on but I’m really am excited with all these coming along! This is almost as a good dream has just came true right in front of my eyes!

I been to last year’s Animation Nation due to Makoto Shinkai’s 5 cm per second(catch it if you haven’t! Too good to be missed! :3) and this time round, I *might* catch more animation should my wallet allows, if not I’m just be contented with watching Cat’s gathering. (cookies to those who know the reason why *winks*)

So..what about Anime Festival Asia ’08?  One thing that takes the whole cake : The appearance of May NakabayashiSheryl Nome.

Not ONLY she is gonna sing at least 7 songs, there’s even an autography session as well. It’s almost as near as going for a seiyuu’s autography session which was totally… LIKE FINALY! *hops across the room like a crazy bunny* Too bad Megumi-chan will not be here to grace the event with her Seikan Hikou, but I’m already more than contented already, now that we finally have a near-seiyuu encouter in this tiny red dot! (if my memory did served me right, that is =x)

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