I wonder…

..that are bad luck contagious and that it’s can be valid even after a day has passed?

Just kidding. However, today was the worst day things I can get. Do let me explain…when I was over the moon seeing that my Cliff and Fayt had finally reached level 50 after tons of repeated rounds of walking out the door and re-entering the door just to fight those two awfully high EXP monsters and my Nel finally learned the flying gulotine skill…the game froze just as I was about to save the whole thing and proceed to the next stage.

I mean…meh. that 40 odd mins of in and out of the map was totally used for NOTHING. NOTHING! *orz* Of course this might seems nothing for people who trains their characters to awesome levels *does a great salute* and I understand it’s very tough, so yea.

._. shall try my luck again and hope it doesnt freeze again *crosses fingers*

…I lost my concession card. T_T;;;

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