Reopening school blues and what-ever-have-you-s

Ema Skye <3

Ema Skye ❤

….apparently not. 😀 I got a hella fun today desu~

Below contains mind-boogling shards and may contain offensive(well, it’s such an subjective word to begin with) comments, so read at your own risk!

Of course, I’m talking about Jap lessons. GOD GEEZ. I CAN COMMUNICATE DESU! IN JAPANESE DESU!

oh the joy, I mean not totally without the use of broken Japanese, but this is actually my first time communicating in jap being that I can understand fully on what the other side is talking about.

The reason as to why I’m just way too excited started way long ago : When I decided to take Japanese language as the language I really wish to learn. And for that I took up proper Japanese lessons just to improve my knowledge to this language I just took great passion in.

It’s just a little nostalgic now that I mentioned about it. I started up taking Japanese lessons together with 2 of my friends(whom wouldn’t want to touch this with a 10m pole now) and when it’s time to shift up for level 2, I was the only one left, well..probably still holding the interest in persisting on?

Anyways, that’s really besides the point, for I usually reached early during lessons time, I sat at my usual place and this time round, I realised new faces at our class at well. Oh, I forgot to mention that there’s quite a huge age range of people under this course as well, ranging from people as younger as 13, as senior as people in their fifties. There’s this old man happened to be sitting in front of me, but I didn’t knew the surprise in store for me until the teacher came in and greeted us with the obligatory “Minna-san, konbanwa”.

After the students(we) got settled down, I realised the old man and the sensei was communicating…in Japanese. As noob as I was then(still am for now, but not THAT noob. LOL), I wondered how long am I able to fully communicate till this point of stage. AND ALAS 2 years later, I has achieved half of what I swore to accomplish the aim that I want and I’m just feeling damn great about it. *totally in cloud nine* KITTTTTTTTTTTTTA!!

This is also my first time talking to a Japanese ‘nandeyanen’ which means ‘Why~’ in Kansai-ben(dialect). It actually started off with a question though. I asked my sensei what’s the differnce between the usage of ‘de’ and ‘ni’ since both are the pointers which indicate directions. My sensei thus answered that ‘de’ is actually ‘at’ in english and that ‘ni’ much more refers to ‘to’. She then added on, ”あなたの日本語は上手よね。” which I answered “not really” modestly *runs before gets bricked*

She then asked me how I actually learn this language, I answered with a noobish reply “歌と、ドラマと、アニメと” which supposedly I should use “ya” but meh, as my teacher who taught today’s first lesson said “The best place to make mistakes is at the classroom itself”. It’s real true, because my sensei also helped me in correcting my punctuation problems in which I’m really grateful for it. While I’m still running high on curiosity, I then asked her which part of Japan does she hail from. It turned out that she comes from Nara(奈良市 Nara-shi) which is very near the Kansai region and thus I went on a ‘nandeyanen’ on her because this is actually one of a famous japanese comedian’s favorite line. *pats self for watching anime*

She also encouraged me to talk to the japanese tourists during my work time(cause I told her where my workplace was) and my japanese language will improve bit by bit because of this. In between of this, sensei also repeats “日本語は上手よ” >_<;

Phew, what a post this turned out to be, but if I had not initiated to continue askingbugging the teacher questions, my questions deep in me will never be resolved. No one will know what is on your mind unless you voiced it out. Of course, this has to be done in moderation so that you won’t irriate the hell outta of the other party. What I wanted to say is, as long you set your heart in doing the thing you want, you are able to do it. I may not be at the best position to say this, however, I’m moving towards my goal step by step.

With that, here’s a mini cheers to myself and to others who are busy reaching for their goal. I know it will be hard but then again, no pain no gain right? 🙂

Have a good evening 😀

  1. oo.. full long post on ur jap lesson eh..
    sounds like u really enjoyed it.. hahaz

    • tsun13
    • October 14th, 2008

    totally love it! XD
    too bad you cant join us, otherwise you can share my joy together as well *emos*

  2. hahaz.. if it was in korean, i would defintely join u all de.. lolx..

    • tsun13
    • October 15th, 2008

    indeed. unless Korea is the only language available, I will also choose that as an elective too. haha!

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