A sudden thought

Somehow or another, I think I’m getting geared up for this semester, huh.

YOSH, nonetheless this is a good sign, i hope ^^;

Off to watch ToraDora!, if it isn’t obvious…I LOVE YOU ART CENTRAL! XD (Ryuji looked more attractive with each episode to come, oh geez, I must have been in love….DDDD8) Ryuji is just fabricating a lame excuse to go along with Taiga saying some nonsense being that dragon(himself) should stay by Tiger(Aisaka, herself) forever. But meh, I buy that shit anyways, IT’S SO DAMN SWEET!!! *coughs* I’m getting a little high on CAPS today, so better not talk about it anymore.

ps: Neat table makes me a happy person. Somehow another, I must make my desk clean..erm..everyday!!

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