20th Century Boys’ Live Action

Keiji-kun, asobi mashou?~

first thing first…I totally forgotten that Naoki Urasawa is beind 20th Century Boys!

GEE. I TOTALLY LOVED HIS/HER ‘MONSTER’ ALOT!!! O w O The blasphemy of me to actually forgotten(almost missed watching this great show) this if da jie hasn’t been so kind to accompany to watch the movie today. *sobs*

To think I only realised that when I was reading the manga just barely few minutes ago. orz

The End has just begun

The End has just begun

I’m not too sure how to anticipate the movie as I was being given “This show sucks! Don’t waste your money!” and “This show rocks! I can’t wait for the second adaption!” almost as simultaneously. Thus, having no idea on how good/bad the movie is, I went in the cinema threatre, obviously oblivious on what surprise will be in store for me later on.

Having no idea on what to expect in the movie(given that I have not read the manga yet, so zero knowledge on the manga itself*smacks self*) has both its pro and cons, I wasn’t pretty much particular on the storyline and this lead me thinking the live action is a little draggy as their climax(for me) is only when the masked cult leader shows his face to Kenji followed by a huge explosion with no answers as to whether Kenji is still alive(surprise surprise) and when Kanna groped down the ‘Friend’ poster and all these happened at the last 30-40 minute of the show, which to me it’s a great meh.

Kanna definely gonna snatch the limelight once the second adaption is out(released at Jan 31st in Japan next year) Way to go~

I can also say the computer generated effects are totally crappish especially the smoke coming out from a piping hot bowl of noodles. I swear in my very own life I never seen before so much smoke churning out from a normal bowl of noodles unless it’s steam boiled noodles they are having, then that’s another story. The gore scenes kinda freaks me out and another interesting thing to note that this wasn’t labelled as a NC16 show. I do believe having people throwing up their bloody organs out leaving a bloody mess and having their eyes nearing popping out doesn’t really entitled a PG rating. Wonder what’s actually went through the people who rated this movie, then again, not that we do not know how our censorship board does their job, don’t we? (once again, it could be just my humble opinon *kiasu singaporean mode on*)

All in all, it has been an interesting ride(although the climax was a little wee back at the movie) and I’m definetly am eager to watch the second adaption soon! :3

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