News these days….*sighs*

My father loves to watch news, particularly news from Taiwan(since it’s included in the scv package). While the scv is currently residing at the living room, which happens to be the only place where I can enjoy my ps2 at, I sometimes would went along with him and watched the news together with him as well.

Man, all i either see was the dropping lines graph depicting economy downgrade, the rising food prices(about the same problems any country would face by now) or either particular food items(as from the tainted milk incident) is to be avoided, heck now you should also be wary about your daily haircare products too. Of course, taiwan news will never be complete with their political issues. I’m appalled by the massive amount of people were involved on the strike. They are also establishing a new law(I hear these for days) that if one is found to be an threat during the process, the police(or probably those with much more higher authority) is being authorised to detain that said person and the car for up to 3 hours. O_O

So it’s no wonder watching news these day has become my new source of despair, aint it? lol

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