P4: Coming to your nearest PS2 SOON

Oh my oh my, less than a month left before NA’s Persona 4 is being released! I can’t hardly wait! It’s just about less than a month left as a matter of fact. I’m totally just so excited just by the thought of it!


Yes, this is one of my chances to promote my love towards Naoto :3

P4’s artbook is already on sale, I’m not too sure whether should I really put my dirty paws on them since to me I do think artbooks are a sort of…a waste of money? But Shigenori Soejima’s artworks are really a beauty to behold, so I guess I might be grabbing one if there is one. hur hur v_v

Sukuna Hikona(スクナ ヒコナ)

Her persona: Sukuna Hikona(スクナ ヒコナ)

The P3 artbook is totally gorgeous beyond words and I really love to flip through and see how did the initial designs differ from the current ones. Do find it a joy and at the other hand, another media to refer to if I’m struck on what to draw, what a handy excuse huh? haha~

I'm a fan of rough sketches, doesn't she looked like the protagnist in p3?

doesn't she looked like the protagonist of p3?

I’m a great fan of rough sketches, so seeing such images(as above) simply turns me on. And I think the sole reason as to why I’m attached to Naoto, is probably the slight resemblance of the Main Character in p3 *sobs*  ;__;


Sweet~ :3

I’m still so excited! LOL

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