An eventful-filled(?) day


Gin-chan looking moe there :9

I actually overslept for today’s work. D: I immediately took the taxi down(bye bye my $13.60 TT) and of course the taxi driver was very interested of the white tigers incident after knowing that I’m heading to the zoo. LOL was intending to head down to the exhibit to see if it’s opened, but didn’t in the end. shall head there tomorrow. ^^lll

Wore the new uniform and I never knew this causes so much anxiety because we don’t have the correct footwear to start with(and wasn’t given last week since it hasn’t arrived). And thus, 40 odd mins of sitting and staring in the air before I was called to do other stuffs x_x. Seriously, the new restaurant does looked smaller as compared previously, but at least it’s much more easier. For the first time, least amount of time is spent on cleaning up which is very important because everyone is eager to go home eariler XDDD

Currently is spending my time improvising my Japanese through iKnow! , a very interactive place to learn Japanese from, not only does it have tons of interesting courses for you to brush up your Japanese, one thing is that it enables users to add in their own list with their own words and you can also learn new words via there as well! Totally reccomends to people who wishes to brush up their Japanese! :3

  1. lol.. so i see that u’re offically a vietnam soldier lei.. lolx.. one day must go see how u look.. hahaz
    FYI, i think the tiger exhibit wont be open till mon, as to whether its this mon or nxt mon,i’m nt too sure.. lolx.. but since u’re so free, u can take a walk down tmr.. hahhaz..
    i’m bored!!!

    • tsun13
    • November 15th, 2008

    ALL HAIL VIETNAM! *okay okay, I’m just kidding*
    well, I will know tomorrow ~_~ if fates allows me to do that in the first place. Today is so busy! DD:

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