Nodame Cantabile Paris Hen 05

I really loved this episode to bits. IT’S GIZA AMAZING DESUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. *eyes glitters*

For once, I really think that the development between Nodame and Chiaki is advacing at a huge notch. It’s just so cute to see Chiaki getting so pissed off when Nodame didn’t call him despite he gave her his number in Holland. * w *彼はツンデレですよね。www

Nodame goes Spinzaku.

Nodame goes Spinzaku.

I kept wondering that is Chiaki really in love with Nodame and I guessed this episode does proved it so. i think he too realised it’s really is suicidal to mention anything that is related to “breaking up” with Nodame. Seriously, Nodame’s spinzaku kick is really very powerful. It’s hilarious to see 2 crazy couple retailating each other kung-fu moves.  Chiaki decided to throw in the white towel eventually, my my, Nodame can sure tame Chiaki, huh? D:

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