A Day to Remember : Animax’s Danny Choo Workshop

Moral of the story : Do or do not, there’s no try. Think I really understood what does this really mean.

One of the clearer shots, apparently T_T

One of the clearer shots, apparently T_T

The workshop blasted me away. It’s too great that I can’t really describe with words…I mean, find me another workshop that has many ‘2D girls’ break’ and you have a speaker that changes his tone of speaking time to time!

This is gonna be a disorganized post for I’m gonna fill you guys in on how awesome this workshop turned out to be as many as my poor memory can possibly recall.

I arrived rather early at the designated place actually, so by the time I reached there, the Animax stand-up posters are still inside the room. It took an excruciating 20 minutes(yes, that said 20 minutes just feels like eternity to me because I actually forgotten to bring the DS to kill time T_T) before I see people going in and register at the table and I followed along as well. XD

I was greeted with a row full of munchies when I went in but didn’t managed to savor any since I’m full and nervous at the same time @_@ It wasn’t long before the rest of the animebloggers came streaming in, I did saw a couple of familiar faces(saw tj han, darkmirage and Soshi :3) but didn’t really have the courage to say hi and it’s just feel strange saying hi to a stranger who doesn’t knows you but you yourself knows this person. Okay, what a weird statement I must say. D:

The preparations for the presentation was rather messy as there’s seems to be quite an abundance of techincal problems starting off with the mikes and all. It took quite some time before everything was settled and good to go.

It started off with the introduction of Animax’s new work production namely, LaMB.(gotta love the marvelous flash they have done *glues eyes on screen*) I acutally heard it from various sites but never really went in knowing more about this. Seriously, the first time seeing this, it feels a bit like Wall-E. lol

Then again, the part where the criminals and the lamination suits kinda interests me, shall put this on my watch list for the year 2009. hahas! We were also given the chance to enjoy a sneak preview of The Click Five’s MV on the opening theme for LaMB as well. I couldn’t really care less for this band, however I must add that the mv is quite awesome :3 *shuns away from The Click Five’s fangirls*

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for, the starting of Danny Choo’s bog workshop talk! I didn’t really take much because I know my camera does crap when under insufficent light. The woe! Guess this is another motivational factor to propel myself to get a decent camera v_v

I never knew you can earn so much by putting ads at your blog, because I never click on them, for one. It was until he flashed the stunning amount he earned through ad-sense alone, I think I got a little tempted to do so too. Then again, comparing my measly site with his, it’s totally one world apart. I guess it’s better to stick back as a non-profit blog instead(gotta work hard with my part time job then v_v)

Danny switches his tone from time to time(I do believe this is to make people to stop fading away…to sleep that is ^^;) I lol’d hard whenever he uses the Singlish tone. It’s just so….Singaporean-ish…la! =x

Was also taught about the benefits of using SEO(search engine optimized) and a lot of interesting stuffs and most importantly, the importance of sharing. Indeed, sharing is caring! :3

After the whole presentation was over, everyone charges towards circles around Danny as he walks around to pass his namecard. I got one too, although I’m not too sure what am I supposed to do with the name card. But Mirai-chan screams full of “TAKE ME!” ^_^ll

While I was hesitating whether to take a shot, Danny was approached by the press and was interviewed for some time. Dang. Thank god there’s heavy rain outside else I think I would have went back which was a very unwise move. Good thing that I did stayed behind till the very end like anyone else ^ 0 ^ I stood around like a complete idiot for quite some time before I thought of approaching Soshi.


Name cards that I have gotten today :3

It’s nerve-wrecking when I decided to step forth and approach her, she is really a friendly person and said that she’s glad to know that she has a reader. lol, but how can this be possible? However, it’s true I loved reading her posts ~_~

And so, I became her pesticide for the day. haha! I don’t really know where to head, so I just followed her all the way through. ^^ll

It was just like a dream came true, I never knew I can get this close to talking to local animebloggers at all D: Although I hardly talk(meh. I gets the jitters when it comes to talking T_T) but I’m rather enjoying it because I can never get to discuss things like this with my friends. And lol, everybody is like…standing very tall and all, gah. It’s times like these when you hoped you were at least a little taller v_vll

And luckily, Soshi is kind enough to accompany me to take a shot with Danny…actually, make that twice. In the end there’s a group shot together at the near end of the workshop as the crew are eager to chun us out.lol

I even get to talk with the legendary Impz, which is really giza amazing. I can’t really remembered what I said because of my nervousness @_@ll It was really great talking with him and double on the train back home(or rather, listening to what they have to say ^^;;;)

All in all, this was a really terrific trip. I’m glad that I really asked for an invitation to be there for the workshop and not going for the breifing for my local attachment thingy. Thank you Soshi once again for allowing me to follow you around and that I’m able to experience all these. Today is a really an awesome day to remember! m(_ _)m Sorry if I sounded rude/weird because I’m was a nervous wreck the whole way though ^^ll

Hope to see you all again in the coming AFA ’08! 😀

  1. Hah hah, so this is your blog. ^_^ You make me sound like some extinct dodo. ~_~

    • tsun13
    • November 20th, 2008

    DDD: Omg, I’m taken aback at the speed you found my blog! guess the linking thing does really helps ^^;;;
    and lol @ extinct dodo!

    Thank you for visiting, by the way!

    • Kisa!
    • November 21st, 2008

    D: I feel so dumb now because I forgot to put in my mail and my whole comment got deleted.


    Anyway let me try to remember what I commented ._.

    I think events like this are very very very very cool!

    I used to think that animebloggers lived in a different dimension from us. Heehee it’s like they live in a higher-up world that none of us know of!

    Erm, it’s rather awkward posting a comment on the same post as an animeblogger.

    I want the drawing you made now! 😀 I redid one for you already. The colouring’s really bad though.

    I guess that’s all I posted just now ><

    • tsun13
    • November 22nd, 2008

    Actually, I was rather surprised that animebloggers are really much friendlier than what I really expected(*coughsIreadtoomuchdoramaoutofthem*coughs*)They are very approachable as a matter of fact and I’m really am glad to meet them :3
    and yea, will put the drawing up once I think it’s satisfactory(nah, actually it’s kinda meh as a gift but I’m nothing but a poor student *coughs* so you have to make do with it D:)

    See you on the 2nd day of AFA’08, together with nothing-nee as well! ^ 0 ^

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