Unprepared revison is unprepared

sounds oxymoron but never mind the lame title ~_~

To think I was late for my DMID’s test! I could only say my paper is screwed up and one kind classmate of mine even timed the number of minutes that I have givenupdone on the paper before he began his tales of the days when some 1337 student actually went off less than 30 minutes after the paper had started. Normally people diss this kind of people as people who are determined to fail wimps , but that very student turned out to be the one who aced for his papers. Scary indeed. He can make legends, I say! D:

Da jie and I could only cringe at one corner. lol

Short day is short(lol).  Given that there’s the Japanese test to study(aside from doing some mild revision with iKnow.) and presentation to go through tomorrow, I still have the gall to try to complete RE3(old school games are awesome! D:) Procrastination isn’t really good huh….v_v

HURRAH~ 12 days to the release of Persona 4. I can hardly wait! ^ 0 ^

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