What I had been up to this whole afternoon


playing Resident Evil 3 : The Mercenaries.

I thought long were the days that I can never get to play this fabulous mini-game that I totally loved since RE4, I’m not too sure about others, but I’m totally in love with this particular game! 😀 I just love being to think of strategies to stop those zombies from biting you and causing you 25% loss of health per bite(ouch) and using the possible way to shun those mindless thingies and saving up your precious ammo-s. And yes, not forgetting the tyrant of RE3 who one come to love and hate : The Nemesis, itself. Seriously I think it is totally a mashed and screwed up chap who got badly scalded and charges to you(the player) with unknown vengeance!

Please do not let its supreme hideous looks scare you, it’s nothing but a lump crawling towards you near the end of the game! D: Then again, probably it’s rather evident to know that I’m not a good player as judged from the lst paragraph huh…so I need to watch more video walkthrough and hope that I can get an S rank to fire off the ultimate item : infinite ammo irregardless of weapon choices! ~_~

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