My side with Figurines.

Unrelated; and 4 more days till release~

Unrelated; and 4 more days till release~

Unknowingly, my figma collection grew a total of 5, which I *do* hope this will be my last purchase for I’m still thinking there’s really ain’t nothing I can do with pretty plastics aside from viewing them. Currently, Eve(otherwise known as Golden Darkness) is my second 1/8 scale figurine. Not too sure what scale is Boku-chan in, so didn’t counted her in. I also have just one nendoroid Saber in my collection.

How time flies, and my collection really grew tremendously within a year.

I was tempted to own figurines for the first time was through the now defunct Tsubaki’s Anime Desho Desho blog and was more driven into photography, or more rather, macro photography was more due to ADD’s sister site, tj_han’s RIUVA 2 years ago. So you can see, figurines was one of the main reason which propelled me into wanting to know photography and another culprit which makes my wallet weep for days.

Of course, I’m not blaming either of them because buying them(figurines) does make joy in my life. Now I’m much more attentive to my cleanliness of my room by dusting them off weekly and clearing lotas space just to make  spacious for my beloved figurines to portray their posture around.

The problem is that I have decided to stop my purchase entirely off figurines since I have really no longer see the purpose of buying them anymore. Ah wells, another plus to save money, huh? My mum also disapproves the idea of having 2D girls around despite once admired how pretty they were…go figure~

I also need to try real hard to save up my camera funds T_T

ps:LOL. this post is actually backlogged serveral months ago but I decided to revive it while in the midst of  cleaning my (read: redundant) drafts up. ^^;

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